Hi! My name is Michaela Victoria West. I am the founder of Bundles of Love Club. The mission of our club is to make sure the men and women living on the streets know they are not forgotten and they are loved.

As early as three years old I can remember driving in the car with my mom seeing people asking for money or food. I would get pangs in my stomach and felt an ache in my heart for these people. I always begged mom to give. I had no problem convincing her as long as she had something to give she always let me hand it to them.

Ever since my 5th birthday I started asking people to give me items for kids living in shelters instead of giving me birthday presents. When my teacher at school took over that tradition I wanted to do something else. That’s when I decided to start collecting for the street homeless who live in the parks, in tents, boxes and under bridges.

After I collected items for my first delivery my friends and family helped me bundle everything together. I noticed then that not all the bundles had the exact same items in them. I was worried about that, so my mother said, “It doesn’t matter if all the items in the bundles are the same, it’s the love that you are giving them with that does.”

That’s when I said, “That’s it! I’ll call them Bundles of Love!

When my first delivery on Christmas Day 2015 made my mom, dad and I feel so wonderful I wanted to share that with people, so I asked my principal if he would let me start a chapter of Bundles of Love Club at my school, St.Joseph’s Regional Catholic School. He said YES! and now we are doing awesome things together!

My club members collect donated items such as gently used blankets, coats, clothing, toiletries and non-perishable foods. We meet to compile the bundles, say a prayer of hope and healing over the bundles and then put as much love as we can muster into them. The Bundles’ outer layer is a blanket or sleeping bag so we fold it gently and then tie it with a bow. Our club members then hit the streets with their families and hand out the bundles to those in need.

It’s a great feeling that makes me feel warm inside to know I helped someone. If you want to know more about how you can help please email me bundlesoflove@aol.com.

Not everyone can do everything, BUT, everyone can do something! Together, we can spread a lot of LOVE! Which the world needs right now!