We Challenged Our School!

For an Easter season Bundles of Love event our club challenged the entire school and asked that each family bring in one Bundle of Love. It was an amazing thing! A total of 21 families made Bundles ON THEIR OWN! We were so proud of them and happy that they decided to help!

Catholic Standard did an Article on US!

So for National Catholic Schools week my entire school got together to compile Bundles of Love. We had a lot of fun all through the process and an amazing thing happened after we were done. About 30 minutes after we said a prayer for the Bundles to reach people with all our love, we headed…

We are a finalist on the Hasbro Award!

The Bundles of Love Club is steadily being recognized by the community as a great project! We were named a finalist in the Hasbro Community Action Award. Read more about it here!

Prudential Spirit of Community Award

I started out volunteering because, well, I REALLY like helping people. I don’t know exactly what it is, but it does make me feel good. This past Monday I learned I was one of two Maryland students chosen out 29,000 nominations to be a Silver medal award winner for my project and service with Bundles…

National Family Volunteer Day

St. Joseph’s families and families from all over the Baltimore/Washington Region gathered for a National Day of Service. My mom wrote a grant to allow families to volunteer together for Bundles of Love. It was an amazing day!! What usually took us several days to accomplish was done in one hour! We had 30 adults…